About us

DualTPharma has obtained the exclusive rights for commercialising the technology - originating from three leading universities - and is well-positioned for taking the drugs through Phase II testing. DualTPharma is represented by a experienced  team of seasoned researchers that have direct access to state-of-the-art (pre)clinical research infrastructure and patient cohorts.    

Having nearly completed laboratory research and preclinical testing - with preclinical concept in place - DualTPharma now requires an estimated €3M to bring the first product from pharmacology studies through Phase 1 and Phase 2a clinical trials over the next four years. The company has already secured 750k in scientific and business grants, including the Life Sciences Pre-Seed Grant from ZonMw/NGI.

Key preclinical observation

We have shown that our CA IX-specific Dual drugs are able to reduce the hypoxic induced extracellular acidosis, have a therapeutic effect on their own and can sensitize tumors to irradiation & chemotherapy - specifically in tumors expressing CA IX. Pharmacological inhibition of CA IX expression alone, or in combination with doxorubicin and radiotherapy, will result in a therapeutic effect without causing normal tissue toxicity.  


Responses to current cancer treatments such as radiotherapy, surgery and/or chemotherapy remain generally unpredictable due to the heterogeneous nature of tumors and because in many cases hypoxic tumor (stem) cells escape from treatment. Besides, available treatments cause serious side effects since they attack healthy cells as well as cancerous cells. Another bottleneck is that most drugs are currently administered intravenously which requires hospital visits and increases the costs of administration.